Ariana Grande is one of the judges of America’s got talent show. She shines in the show. This time, she participated in his brother’s wedding and wore a bra top at her brother’s wedding. Her dress has even exploded the American fashion world.

Of course, for most people, the large scale of his brother’s gay wedding also makes us a little shy. Anyway, we still wish the couple well.

Ariana Grande’s half brother Frankie Grande and her boyfriend Hale Leon got engaged in June last year and finally got married in a private ceremony in Florida recently.

Frankie shared the news with his fans on twitter. He wrote: “welcome to Grande! Yes, we are married! On Star Wars day, hale and I held a small and private Galaxy ceremony at my home in Florida, because we are all Star Wars fans.”

Many famous characters appeared at the ceremony, including Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and even Darth Vader, the “Black Knight”. However, we can’t tell from the photos whether Ariana is present.

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