Anyone can do one thing to improve the skin, that is to apply the products in the correct order. No matter what your skin problem is, you need to start with cleaning and toning the base, then use concentrated active ingredients, and seal it in water. Today, I would like to share with you the steps of basic skin care.

1. Morning: facial cleanser, lotion, eye cream, essence, lotion, face cream.

2. Evening: remove makeup, clean face, make up lotion, eye cream, essence, lotion, face cream.

Then, the following steps need to be emphasized in each step:

  1. Clean your face once in the morning and once in the evening, depending on your skin type in the morning. In the morning: If it is oily or oily skin, sooner or later, insist on using facial cleanser to wash your face. If it is dry skin, it is recommended to wash it with facial cleanser every other day, and wash it with water at intervals.
  2. As long as you use skin care products, it is recommended to use makeup remover or cream, even if you only apply sunscreen.
  3. It is emphasized here that there is a slight difference between toner and makeup water. They are both water, and some will confuse the two things. Toner is mainly for oil control.
  4. Eye cream. I strongly urge my friends to start using eye cream as long as they are over 20 years old, because eye problems mainly depend on prevention. If wrinkles have been found, it will be too late. It is only good to say that wrinkles will not grow again.
  5. Essence. When it comes to essence, there are simply not too many kinds. Skin bottom essence can also supplement water, anti-oxidation essence can resist early aging, whitening essence and so on. Before the age of 22, water supplement is the main. After the age of 22, the absorption ability becomes poor, so use essence that can strengthen the absorption of the muscle bottom.
  6. Lotion, face cream. For oily skin friends, please use refreshing lotion or face cream.
  7. Sunscreen. Ultraviolet is the biggest enemy of skin. Please remember this sentence, with thousands of pieces of skin care products, thousands of pieces of essence, thousands of pieces of makeup, that is, without sunscreen, everything will be discounted. Ultraviolet rays can break collagen fibers, and melanin will rapidly accumulate to protect the skin. In the long run, skin aging, spots, wrinkles, large pores and other problems will come.
  8. Strengthen deep cleaning. Exfoliating cream, deep cleansing facial mask, and moisturizing facial mask are the steps to choose the products that are suitable for you, but please remember to do it, because if you do not clean for a long time, your skin may suffer from blackheads, acne, skin stickiness, pore blockage, unabsorbable skin care skin, dull and opaque, easy to rub mud, rough skin and other problems.

Basic skin care is introduced here. Every step is very important. The degree of attention to skin determines the health of skin. Please believe that careful skin care will give a satisfactory return.

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