Beyonce let us know that she still holds the pulse of fashion, which is also a tribute to telfar, a brand loved by black people. “This telfar package is imported Birkin, and they shit in the warehouse,” she added on the same track. This is not the first time Beyonc é has publicly revealed her love for telfar – she wore his white hot “bushwickbirkins” on a day in New York last year, and of course, Christopher John Rogers’s wide leg flower pants – but her love for the brand is now immortal in the form of lyrics, and she firmly claims to be one of telfar’s largest fans.

As she herself wrote in the last sentence of the song, “I’m in my bag.”

About Telfar and the Handbag?

In 1985, the founder telfar Clemens was born in New York but grew up in Liberia.

My brother’s carving of lines can be said to be unique in the fashion industry. Because of this, the brand’s popular bags and super representative TC logo have become popular all over the United States, and almost everyone has one. While telfar himself was praised by netizens as a “pop Daddy”, he showed great humility:

“It’s very popular all of a sudden. I’ve never done any marketing, so whenever I see someone on social media carrying my bag @ me, I’m very moved.”

Facts have proved that telfar’s design is not only popular, but also recognized by the industry. On November 6, 2017, he won the highest prize of $400000 from CFDA / vogue fashion foundation.

Meanwhile, telfar and its brand have been developing rapidly. Take last year’s performance as an example, the brand sales exceeded 1.6 million US dollars. You know, three years ago, telfar’s sales volume was still 100000 US dollars. This speed is really admirable.

Why are telfar shopping bags so popular?

Well, its popularity is largely related to the designer behind the bag. Telfar is run by designer telfar Clemens, a queer Liberian American designer who has advocated inclusiveness for many years! Inclusiveness is the potential value of his brand – a “everyone share” brand that only provides neutral clothes.

In 2014, taifal Clemens and his creative partners first designed this popular bag. This bag is characterized by a relief logo of T in a C, which is an acronym created by a teacher in taifar’s childhood. They come in three sizes, small, medium and large. These shopping bags are affectionately called “Bushwick Birkin”, which comes from their Bushwick headquarters and Birkin, which looks like a square. This name became popular before telfar bags gained the same exclusive status as Birkin.

Over the years, the designer has been dealing with the deprived rights of the fashion industry because of his sexual orientation, background and values, and now those who once guarded the industry are inviting him to join. Taifal continues to create his own inclusive fashion world. Brands that were once rejected by the fashion world are now at the center.

Last year, Oprah named the telfar Vegan Leather shopping bag “the most popular thing”, and in the past two years, more and more celebrities have worn this shopping bag.

The telfar shopping bag is made of pure leather with a large logo on the side. The design is inspired by shopping bags in Bloomingdale, although it is more common than Hermes. These bags are made in China, and telfar openly talked about work quality and flexibility when working with manufacturers. Telfar’s financial model is unique.

They raise their own funds and produce 100% of their own products. They usually plan to produce six months in advance. This is the reason for the shortage; This is not a pre thought strategy to make the brand more exclusive and promote demand. After selling out continuously in August 2020, the brand launched the “luggage safety plan”. The plan aims to give more people the opportunity to buy a suitcase that is constantly sold out. On August 19, people can add their names to the pre-sale waiting list. There are also continuous bag drops, of which up to 7000 bags are available, but they are still sold out within minutes!

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