London hairdresser Tom Smith, who leads the trend in 2022, shared that, “This kind of bangs modifies the shape of the face and forms a curve that is very similar to the curve of the neck and shoulder of the bottle. The middle part of the eyebrows is narrower and shorter, and leans steeply downward around the eyes to form the second layer of bangs around the cheekbones or chin. In addition to making almost all face shapes look beautiful, one of the biggest selling points of this kind of bangs is that the hair is very beautiful.”

Generation Z is the generation where fashion, dances, music and more become trendy overnight and sometimes die out just as quickly. Fortunately or unfortunately, this applies to hairstyles as well. Some of what was popular last year is no longer in style, while old trends are making a comeback for 2023. Read on to stay up to date on what hairstyles you will be seeing more of throughout the year.

While bangs were in, then out, and now in, there are certain bang looks that will be seen a lot more this year. These are called bottleneck bangs which start slim by the roots and fan out as they move down to the eyebrows and the ears. These are longer bangs that shape the face around the cheeks and look great with natural hair. If you are looking for a look to bring you back to the ‘seventies these types of bangs have that look.

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