Sleep facial mask refers to a kind of facial mask that applies sleep facial mask on the face to sleep directly after basic skin care at night. Generally, you can clean your face normally the next morning. Generally, the sleeping facial mask is made of gel or cream. After being applied, it looks like a layer of skin care products, not like an ordinary facial mask. Here is the correct use of sleep facial mask.

#1 Correct use of sleep facial mask

A: Before applying the facial mask, it is better to wash the face with warm water to open the pores, so that the deep sebum and dirt can be easily discharged, so as to ensure that the nutrition of the facial mask can be more absorbed during the application.

B: After cleaning, care according to normal skin care procedures and massage until absorption.

C: Then, evenly apply the sleeping facial mask around the eyes, and massage from bottom to top; Wash it the next morning.

D: Sleeping facial mask can not be used every day. Excess nutrition will cause pore blockage, so it is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week; If it is for post sun repair or emergency acne removal, it can be used continuously for a week, and then the original frequency of use will be restored.

#2 Can I use the sleep facial mask every day?

Since the airtightness of the sleep facial mask is to help the skin lock the nutrients before use, it is not recommended to use it alone. It is best to adhere to the usual basic care steps before use. The sleep facial mask is the same as the facial mask, both belong to periodic care, so it is not suitable for daily use. If you insist on using it every day, it is easy to cause excess nutrition and increase the burden on the skin.

Do you need to wash the sleeping facial mask?

There are many kinds of sleep facial mask, and you can’t stay overnight without washing. So, don’t think that it will be beautiful after you sleep. This is not good for your skin. If you apply facial mask overnight for a long time, it will easily cause your skin to become dull. So, after the sleep facial mask is dry, wash it before you go to sleep!

Clean your face before applying the facial mask

When applying the sleep facial mask, you should also do a good job of facial cleaning. Because facial mask is directly applied to the face overnight, if you do not do a good job of skin cleaning, you can directly apply the sleep facial mask, which will cause the residual dust and makeup during the day to clog pores.

The maintenance procedures before facial mask should not be less

Before applying the facial mask, you should also do a good job of skin care. You can’t directly apply the insomnia facial mask after washing your face. Because there is less oil in sleep itself, the effect will not be obvious if you use it like this for a long time. Before applying facial mask, it will be more effective to apply sleep facial mask after skin care steps such as toner, lotion and essence are completed.

Apply facial mask 20 minutes before going to bed

The most fear of applying the sleep facial mask is that it will stain the quilt. In fact, just 20 minutes before going to bed, apply the facial mask, gently massage until it is absorbed, wait until the facial mask is dry, and then go to bed without polluting the quilt. However, it is better to wash the facial mask before going to sleep, especially for sensitive skin.

#3 Misuse of sleep facial mask

Mistake: Apply sleeping facial mask directly after washing your face at night

Correct: The overlapping of essence and sleep facial mask will have a magical effect of 1+1>2

First of all, the biggest function of the sleep facial mask should be to moisturize, soothe, and tightly lock the moisture, nourishment, and plant ingredients, so as to create a beautiful skin with elasticity and unique permeability.

Myth: Sleep facial mask has nothing to do with sleep

Correct: The sleep facial mask with aromatic “healing” effect can upgrade the beauty sleep

It goes without saying how important “beauty sleep” is for a beauty lover. It can relax the whole body before sleep, which will greatly help the quality of sleep.

Mistake: sleep facial mask can be applied every day and night like night cream

Positive solution: Generally, 2~3 times a week is enough, and short-term repair can be used continuously

Many people regard the sleep facial mask as a “life-saving straw” and a “big pill”. Think it can solve all problems, even apply it every day. It must be noted that the sleep facial mask is not recommended to be used every day (except for short-term emergency repair). Even if the product description you bought will say, “It can replace the night cream,” that doesn’t mean it can replace the night cream. For example, “cake can take the place of staple food”, but it is absolutely impossible to eat cake for every staple food.

#4 Precautions for sleeping facial mask

“Sleep facial mask” cannot replace night cream

“Is it possible to dispense with night cream with sleep facial mask?” This question is often asked by many MMs who have used the “sleep facial mask”. In fact, the sleep facial mask cannot replace the night cream. You must apply some night cream before use, otherwise the skin will be “malnourished”, especially some dry skin eyebrows. The “sleep facial mask” and night cream must be used together.

It is understood that the “sleep facial mask” is often thin in texture. Since it has been used for a long time, the nutrients are not very high in order to take into account the permeability. If you want to have a good skin care effect, you must not forget to use the night cream. In addition, after cleaning the “sleep facial mask”, it is better to clean the skin again with facial cleanser, because it is impossible to completely clean the oil secretion in one night only with warm water.

Although the “sleep facial mask” can be applied to sleep, the skin care procedures before using the “sleep facial mask” can not be omitted: unloading, skin cleaning, water tapping, skin care products, these old procedures can not be omitted. After everything is ready, apply the “sleep facial mask”. Of course, unlike the traditional facial mask, which needs to be cleaned immediately, the “sleep facial mask” can be left to be washed off the next morning.

#5 Sleep is the best way to beautify and protect skin

At night, when the body is in a state of rest, each organ is undergoing regeneration and repair, and the skin is also undergoing self repair. When the body is sleeping soundly, it is the best time to regenerate the skin. It injects energy into the skin at night and can absorb the benefits of various product ingredients more effectively than in the daytime.

  1. It can make the skin delicate, smooth, shiny and soft.
  2. It can easily penetrate into the bottom of the skin, effectively reduce wrinkles, and make the skin smooth and silky.
  3. It can help normal cells regenerate, provide an ideal environment to produce collagen and elastin, thus improving the compactness, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and improving coarse pores.
  4. Help reduce the color spots caused by aging.
  5. It helps to resist the damage of free radicals that accelerate skin aging.

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