COVID-19, also known as novel coronavirus pneumonia, is highly infectious and will cause damage to the respiratory system. You should not drink alcohol during your illness and treatment to avoid serious consequences.

Alcohol can stimulate the throat and gastrointestinal mucosa and aggravate the original uncomfortable symptoms. Alcohol is usually metabolized by the liver. If you drink alcohol during the period of novel coronavirus pneumonia, it will increase the burden of the liver, even affect the liver function, and produce complications and sequelae. If there is no active and effective treatment, it will do great harm to the body and may affect the health and quality of life. Novel coronavirus infection is the cause of novel coronavirus pneumonia. For the time being, there is no particularly effective drug to quickly treat it, and symptomatic drugs are generally required. Human infection will damage the immune capacity. If the disease is serious, it will affect the functions of the respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems, and easily cause chest tightness, headache, weakness of limbs and poor breathing. If you drink alcohol during treatment, you may have disulfiram like reactions with some antibiotics used during treatment, such as cephalosporins, which may aggravate physical discomfort and even endanger life.

The incubation period of novel coronavirus pneumonia is also infectious. It is generally transmitted through respiratory droplets and close contact. It can be transmitted through aerosols in contact with items contaminated by the virus or in a closed environment. People are generally susceptible. At ordinary times, people should go to places with dense traffic as little as possible. They should also develop good personal hygiene habits, wash their hands frequently, open more windows for ventilation, and exercise appropriately to enhance their own physique, which can reduce the chance of infection.

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