Kylie Minogue, a pop star, is 50 years old this year, but she said that in 2018 she seemed to be at the peak when she was just 30 years old. It not only ushered in the release of a new album, but also launched its own eyewear series of the same name last year. As a designer, she combined classic and retro, and can see her unique glamour shining like light on every eyewear. And the word “charm” is also the synonym of the pop diva sweeping the world in this golden twenty years. In the new advertisement, Kylie easily interprets what is easy fashion. It is like bringing a light source. The skin radiates the bright light of youth. The retro eye makeup is breathtaking. The tight and upward corners of the eyes can’t see any traces left by time around the eyes of the queen.

She hugged her 50 years old gladly. She also admitted that she had tried to remove wrinkles with BOTOX when she was young, but her stiff facial muscles and unnatural expressions kept her away from the invasive anti-aging method. In an interview with the media, Christian Vermaak, Kylie’s star makeup artist, shared that Kylie’s eye skin is very delicate, with some facial fine lines, but no wrinkles. The tight and full eye circumference is the most important base for Kylie’s eye makeup.

In terms of anti-aging care for the eyes, she will first choose products with natural and safe ingredients, which is the same as the Australian natural lifestyle she advocates. In addition, she will trust the recommendation from professional medical background. “Really seeing change” is her most important “mate selection standard” in periocular care.

Like Kylie, Marsa Gallery, a professional nursing brand born in Australia, adheres to the brand concept of natural, scientific and curative effect, insists on using natural raw materials, refuses to add any chemical substances that may cause harm to the skin, and has obtained the product testing certification of the Australian NXGEN Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Federation, which proves that the product formula is 100% safe and reliable. Cooperate with technology centers in Australia, France and Switzerland to develop innovative technology, develop various types of skin, combine active patent ingredients, and take presenting the most beautiful state of skin as the brand pursuit. Since its establishment, the beauty salon line has sold well in more than 30 countries. Since 2017, Marsa Gallery Masagari has brought this beautiful trend full of natural high-tech into China, For urban women who pursue the ultimate care, it will bring a journey of transformation of “Australian lifestyle”.

On May 28, 1968, Kylie Minogue was born in a performing family in Melbourne, Australia.

In 1980, Kylie Minogue’s mother took her and her sister Danny Minogue to audition for the small actors of the Australian TV program The Sullivans. Kylie Minogue was deeply impressed by the producers of The Sullivans. The producer of the Australian TV series The Air Path also selected her. Since then, Kylie Minogue has played some small roles in some stage musicals

In 1986, he began to step into the performing arts circle because he starred in the soap opera “Neighbor” and attracted public attention.

In April 1987, she won the “Most Popular Actress” award awarded by the Silver Lodge Award for her soap opera “Neighbor”; In June, the first individual single “Locomotion” was released, and became the female singer with the highest single sales in Australia in the 1980s; On December 29, the first single “I Should Be So Lucky” was released, and won the first place in the British and Australian music charts.

In July 1988, the first studio album “Kylie” was released, and the sales volume of the album exceeded 7 million in the world. The six singles in the album were among the top 100 in the official British singles list; On the 28th of the same month, her revised single “The Loco-Motion” won the third place in the Billboard Top 100 singles list; On November 18, he recorded and released the single Especially for You with Jason Donovan, which became the first single of Kylie Minogue in the UK with sales exceeding one million.

During 2000, with “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” and “Fever”, she won the top of the UK singles and album charts respectively, and became the champion female singer of both categories for the first time. In February 2004, he won the Grammy Award for “Best Dance Recording” with the single “Come into My World”. In February 2008, he won the “Best International Female Singer” award of the British Music Award. In May 2008, he was awarded the “Knight Medal of French Art and Literature” by the French Ministry of Culture. In July of the same year, he was awarded the “British Imperial Officer Badge” by Prince Charles.

In November 2011, he was selected into the “Australian Music Record Hall of Fame” for his outstanding contribution to the development of the Australian music industry.

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