Jessica Plummer went from singing at the “Victoria’s Secret” fashion show to sharing the screen with Nicole Kidman. Now the actress plays the leading role in “The Girl Before”. When you meet Jessica Plummer, you will not be surprised to find that this actress singer’s career began in shopping in the London street market. This is not only her relaxing beauty, but also her unrestrained confidence and charm of those who have reached the summit.

The accidental encounter at the age of 19 made Plummer a member of the late women’s band Neon Jungle. In 2013, the band and Taylor Swift jointly performed the popular single Trouble at Victoria’s Secret fashion show. After that, Hollywood called. In 2014, Amira McCarthy, Jessica Plummer, Asami Zdenenka and Sheren Katerwen of the Neon Jungle Band performed in London.

Plummer, 29, was brought up in South London by her father in Jamaica and her mother in England. She did a strange acting job when she was a teenager and completed an amateur drama course. But this is only a small part of the 2017 film How to Talk to Girls at Parties. This is an alternative love film based on Neil Gaiman’s short stories, starring Elle Fanning and Nicole Kidman, which has brought her into a new alliance.

Then Plummer took a vacation to travel and later gave birth to a daughter. She returned to London to take action, but she felt that when she left, the industry had changed. It is faster and more transactional. Suddenly, she recorded her tape in the dimly lit apartment, preparing for a face-to-face audition. And she didn’t order parts. “It’s really disturbing,” Plummer said. “This industry is very difficult. Sometimes it’s not good to be rejected. I remember thinking at that time, maybe I’ve never been rejected again.”

Plummer finally got a big audition for a role in the BBC’s popular soap opera East Enders. She got the role. In the following year, Plummer played a young wife and mother, Chantelle Atkins. She was finally murdered by her abusive husband.

David Oyelowo and Plummer are in a scene in The Girl Before.

Then there is The Girl of the Past, which is a complicated and subtle protagonist, opposite to Gugu Mbata Rau and David Oyerovo. Consisting of alternating timelines that explore the themes of control, abuse and manipulation, this limited series is adapted from J.P. Delaney’s best-selling thriller of the same name.

Looking ahead, Plummer focuses on finding projects that can inspire and challenge her, based on what her recent role has taught her. She mentioned in a recent interview that she is a female James Bond. “It’s really not a serious matter,” she said. “But now it’s outside…”

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