Hugh hefner created a famous American magazine with 8000 dollars borrowed, which was once popular.

In order to maintain his erosive life, he did not hesitate to take medicine, which led to a stroke. Hugh hefner has had 2000 girlfriends in his life, which is just a beautiful harvester. When he was almost 90 years old, Hugh Hefner married a 26 year old model.

Hugh Hainaff is the founder and chief editor of Playboy, a world-famous magazine, and the founder and chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprise Group.

Sixty eight years after its founding, Playboy still dominates the position of the best-selling magazine in the United States, and its sales are all over the world. Hugh Hainaff lived a legendary life. He was born poor but built a money empire by himself.

His girlfriend doesn’t need to work, as long as she is beautiful. In order to make his girlfriend feel happy, he spent a lot of money to buy luxury houses, manors, private planes, luxury cars, and high-end bathtubs. In short, their life can be said to be quite extravagant.

There is even a game company that has developed a game based on his life to let people experience how money is paid for this life. Hainaff has been married three times in his life. He is in love with the third term. The difference between the two is 60 years, which is really a “cross century” marriage.

Hugh Hainafu has been surrounded by countless beautiful women all his life. Of the three wives, two are models, one is more beautiful than the other. But the dream lover is Marilyn Monroe.

If they can’t get together before they die, they will be buried together. In order to be with his perfect lover, he arranged his affairs behind him in advance.

In 1992, Hugh Hefner pocketed the land next to Marilyn Monroe’s cemetery at a high price of $50000. He wants to be Marilyn Monroe’s neighbor in a hundred years.

When talking about buying the cemetery next to Marilyn Monroe, he once said to the media: “Although I haven’t seen her, it’s romantic.”

Hugh Hefner’s private plane was decorated with bars and dance halls. Whether on land or in the sky, he carries out luxury to the end. In order to build his private palace, Hugh Hefner built his mansion in Los Angeles into a paradise between men. It has everything in it. It can be said that it is not the most expensive, as long as it is more expensive. And in this palace, there are his rabbit girls living there for a long time.

Hugh Hefner lived a bohemian life, but in fact, he was born in a very ordinary family at that time. His parents are honest farmers who go out early and return late every day to make a living.

Before he married his first love, Hugh Hefner was very careful and single-minded about his feelings. However, when he married his first wife at the age of 22, he found that he was betrayed by his wife, which made him unhappy. Later, for various reasons, the two divorced. Hugh Hefner was still a smart guy at that time, but his intelligence was not used in scientific research. One day, facing the poster of beautiful women on the wall, he suddenly had a strange idea that it would be better to turn hedonistic culture into an industry. So he decided to gamble. Hugh Hefner borrowed $8000 and used $500 of it to buy the bust of the goddess Marilyn Monroe. Then he published the first issue of Playboy magazine with trepidation. Unexpectedly, once released, it was snapped up. In the following time, the circulation soared all the way.

With this money, he began to build his money worship life. The second wife was a playboy model at that time. He once thought that this marriage was the last, but the weather was not beautiful. His second wife is still cheating. After divorce, Hugh Hefner devoted his whole body and mind to the brand of Playboy, making it a synonym for extravagance.

At the age of 86, he married a model 60 years younger than him. The world talked about this, but Hugh Hefner didn’t care. Hugh Hefner had a fortune of about 50 million dollars in his life, and his company was worth at least 110 million dollars.

On September 27, 2017, Hugh Hefner, 91, died. While announcing the news on Playboy’s official website, Hugh Hefner’s photo and his famous words were attached: “Life is too short to live in others’ dreams.”

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