Copenhagen has consolidated its position as one of the most influential cities in the fashion industry, as evidenced by the street style on the show of the Spring and Summer Fashion Week 2023. From laziness to refinement, fashion elites have flocked to the city to show their fashion style.

Here are seven main street style trends of Copenhagen Fashion Week in 2022.

Barbie powder

With Margot Robbie’s Barbie film scheduled to be released next year, vibrant pink tones can be seen everywhere from the runway to red carpets, festivals and Instagram events around the world.

The streets of Copenhagen are illuminated by dazzling colors, which are fully reflected in the leather-looking corsets, overalls, bikini tops and jumpsuits.

Colorful aesthetics exudes fun and playfulness, and injects much-needed color into the original neutral wardrobe.

Neon color block

Speaking of color, neon tones are also popular in the streets of Copenhagen. Modern color blocks can be mixed to see that conflicting colors are seamlessly integrated. A pair of bright pink pants and a lemon green long sleeve with feather sleeves also have a sense of disobedience, while a bright blue vest perfectly sets off a dazzling yellow skirt and neon green muller shoes. A light green shirt and brighter green are seamlessly matched as a down vest, more like a life jacket.

Thick sole loafers

The trend of thick Lucky shoes will undoubtedly continue. A pair of white socks worn at the ankle or higher, the right contrast can make the already eye-catching clothing more perfect.

Graphic T-shirt

Facts have proved that the graphic T-shirt and the mini skirt designed by the designer are a powerful combination, suitable for anyone who wants to create a casual aesthetic feeling with high-end feeling. Although we don’t think of oversized T-shirts in the first place when we think of fashion week clothing, Copenhagen has proved that it is possible to create a high-end fashion appearance around the wardrobe essentials, just find the appropriate accessories to match it

Oversized sunglasses, designer handbags and a pair of matching high-heeled shoes are the best choices, which enhance the overall atmosphere and show that the graphic T-shirt is worth a place in your wardrobe.

Cowboy boots

Tight skirts, tailored shorts and tailored miniskirts all provide a powerful matching scheme for the versatility of knee-length cowboy boots. This is not unique to Bohemian fans. It can be customized according to your specific style and provide you with perfect transition shoes between sneakers and high-heeled shoes. This trend has been recognized by Elsa Hosk and Emily Ratajkowski and others.


Emma Chamberlain has been advocating knitted sweater vests for a long time, but the shape of Copenhagen street style shows that the function of knitted design is far more than that.

The oversized cardigan and miniskirt with matching packages are only a small part of the knitted designs of various colors and designs that appear on the streets of Copenhagen, reminding us that knitwear is not unique in cold months.

Redesigned denim

Denim has proved itself to be one of the most eternal fabrics of all fabrics time and again. Although the fashion trend of jeans may change every year, the obsession with denim has remained stable because of its versatility and ability to adapt to any climate, trend and shape.

A batch of medium denim skirts appeared in Copenhagen, with oversized jackets and personalized shoes (whether boots, high heels or casual shoes). This appearance has been widely welcomed by Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and others, and has redesigned the denim skirt for a new generation.

We also found denim jackets of various designs, from tailoring to oversized styles, which consolidated the denim style of this season and beyond.

At the same time, we also found various designs of denim jackets, from tailoring to oversized styles, which injected vitality into the denim style of this season and later.

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