Animal patterns are deeply loved by the fashion world and have appeared in various luxury fashions such as PRADA and LV. Because it is full of wild patterns, it is easy to wear bright, so many fashionable people. However, compared with the leopard print on the “rotten street”, the smaller and simpler zebra print is the popular element this year. For example, the recently popular “Zebra Print Trousers” have adopted its design

#1 SheIn Women’s Zebra Striped Ruched Crisscross High Waist Flare Leg Pants

The pants are simple and bright zebra stripes. Isn’t it more eye-catching than the black pants and jeans in our wardrobe?

#2 WDIRARA Women’s Zebra Print High Waisted Button Jeans Casual Denim Pants

Some women in their thirties and forties may wear printed patterns or pure black t-shirts on the upper part of their bodies after choosing “zebra trousers”, or they can choose a white shoulder sweater that is both simple and design. The pure white color can echo the “Zebra Pants” up and down without causing the excitement of the host and guests. The design of diagonal shoulders enhances the sense of hierarchy, which is very feminine!

#3 Floerns Women’s Zebra Print High Waist Flare Leg Pants Trousers

Simple suspenders are selected for the top, showing a thin shoulder curve. The skin is exposed in a large area and looks thin. The high waist design greatly improves the waist line position. In addition, with straight underpants, there is no sense of bondage, which perfectly interprets the walking atmosphere. Many little girls can wear zebra pants like this if they want to match them!

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