If there are two child stars who dominated the world in the 1990s, they are Mary Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen. The twin sisters appeared in TV programs and movies, and even dozens of movies starring themselves. To be honest, the sisters are both promising and have built a huge empire. What happened to them? You must re-examine their entire career, To really understand their experiences

The Olsen twins used VHS directly to create an empire

At the end of the 1990s, the Olsen twins played a total of 36 films, all of which were played directly on VHS. The film content was very interesting, especially for children. With the growth of the Olsen twins, the theme of their films became more and more mature, which means that the whole generation of children grew up with them. In fact, they have their own production company, which is the force behind all films, To be sure, the Olsen Twin Empire was built on a home video system.

Olsen twins’ family dispute

At the early stage of their career, almost everyone would be jealous. After all, they were rich and famous. But in 1996, the parents of the twins announced a divorce, which was difficult for any of the children to accept. Especially Mary Kate and Ashley, they had to deal with all this under the worldwide attention. It was reported that the divorce was due to the pressure of the Olsen twins’ career, and their father hoped that they would quit the entertainment industry as soon as possible, I mainly focus on my studies, but it is still unclear what happened

Dave Olsen, their father, said in an interview that “things are not as dramatic as they seem. The reality is that everyone agrees and the children understand”. However, divorce is not easy for anyone, let alone two girls who had a large number of fans when they were so young. After so many family farces, it is no wonder that Olsen twins do not want to stay in Hollywood forever.

Olsen twins have accumulated a fortune

The Olsen twins are expensive, but how much are they worth? They were millionaires when they were children. According to the 2020 media women’s ranking, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen ranked 11th among the richest women. The sisters took charge of the retail empire Twin Star Entertainment Group when they were 20 years old. The company was founded in 1993, and sells a billion dollars worth of goods worldwide every year, According to the net assets of celebrities, this number has been growing in recent years. By 2021, their total net assets will be 500 million dollars .

The Olsen twins disappeared for a while

In 2004, the two entered New York University to study. The twins also really wanted to disappear from the spotlight and become ordinary teenagers for a period of time. Mary Kate explained, “It’s strange to be called a celebrity or talked about. I won’t tell my friends about it. It’s not part of my life.” Being a child star was a huge pressure for Olsen twins. After graduation, they kept a low profile, It almost disappeared from the public view. To be honest, who can blame them.

The Olsen twins started a new career after leaving the show business

Although they did not enter the field of film production, they created their own fashion series in 2007, starting a new career, and each brand has achieved success. In 2020, the two also announced that their low-cost series Elizabeth and James will be sold in Hundred Goods. Some of the fashions worn by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen may look far fetched, but it is undeniable that, They have a certain elegance and beauty, which can easily be translated into their design.

Mary Kate is married

After leaving the entertainment industry, the Olsen twins finally became themselves. Although they may always be regarded as lovely children in the public eyes, they have already grown up, especially Mary Kate. Her love life is quite rich. The former child star and her boyfriend of three years Olivier Sarkozy held a private wedding in New York. It is reported that, Bankers Nicolas Sarkozy and Mary Kate planned for the wedding for a long time. Although they kept silent about their relationship, she was obviously obsessed with Nicolas Sarkozy.

Ashley Olsen’s love is very personal

In 2017, Ashley Olsen fell in love with an artist named Louis Aisner. She didn’t show off their relationship everywhere, which made some people think they were trying to hide it. However, this is not the case. It doesn’t mean they want to keep a low profile. It’s just that Louis doesn’t like being noticed, even more than Ashley. They care about each other more than the public thinks about them. In addition, they have lived together, According to the couple’s friends, they also love each other very much.

Mary Kate went through a difficult divorce

Although Mary Kate married Sarkozy, the couple is doomed to never last forever. The separation between them began in 2020. Sarkozy invited his ex-wife, children and his mother to live with him and Mary Kate. Although Mary Kate loved his children, it was unbearable to let his ex-wife live with them. Although she claimed that Sarkozy was trying to let them move out of the New York apartment, But for Mary Kate, she has not yet obtained an urgent divorce application.

Olsen’s twin sister is a superstar

Most people know that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have a sister, but for some people, after seeing the popular Disney TV series Wanda Phantom, they realized that Elizabeth Olsen was the sister. Facts have proved that the career of the sisters had a great impact on Elizabeth’s life. Elizabeth said in an interview that she watched her sisters become child stars, She lost interest in acting when she was very young.

When talking about her short acting career as a child, she said: “I like ballet and sports. Although my sisters have experienced a hard time, they have spared me the same pain, which is very special. They are really always taking care of me.”

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