For a person who sleeps very light, a little movement and light can wake you up. Eye mask can effectively block the light and relieve the pressure on the eyes. People who are unstable in sleep must remember to have eye mask ready. Today, I will briefly classify and recommend several cost-effective eye masks.

What are the cost-effective and easy-to-use eye masks?

Eye masks fall into three categories:

  • Light shielding eye mask: used for sleep disorders that are sensitive to light.
  • 3D eye mask: it fits the face better and does not press the eyes.
  • Steam eye mask (disposable): it can promote the blood circulation around the eyes by heating, and is used to alleviate eye discomfort.

#1 Light shielding eye mask

It is generally woven, and the composition is preferably pure silk blended. The price is not expensive and the experience is better.

#2 The 3D eye mask

The 3D eye mask has better light shielding, does not touch the eyelids, and has less pressure on the eyes. If you are sensitive to the coverage of the eye mask, you can consider 3D eye mask.

#3 Steam eye mask

Finally, I recommend several reliable steam eye masks for students who often use their eyes excessively, which can not only effectively alleviate eye fatigue, but also be used as a light shielding eye mask when necessary.

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