As early as 14 years ago, foreign media reported that Victoria and Beckham had worn 13 wedding rings in their 15 year marriage, with a total value of up to 4 million pounds.

The first ring Beckham sent was the one when he proposed.

It is reported that Beckham gave Victoria a diamond ring inlaid with horse eye diamonds when he first proposed in 1998. The wedding ring is said to be worth 65000 pounds.

In 1999, this ring was worn at the wedding.

In 2002, Victoria wore an ordinary diamond ring worth 5000 pounds, and in 2005, she wore a pear shaped diamond ring worth 159000 pounds.

Since then, in 2006, she wore a long yellow diamond ring worth 250000 pounds, and in 2007, she wore a square emerald diamond surrounded by countless diamonds, worth 500000 pounds. Since then, he has also worn valuable diamond rings at fashion shows and Wimbledon Championships in 2009.

In an interview with foreign media, jewelry designer Steve Bennett gave a high valuation of 3.8 million pounds for Victoria’s collection. At the same time, she said: “I have never heard of a woman who changes her wedding ring as frequently as she does. She obviously regards the wedding ring as the same as other fashion accessories. She has never dared to try bold styles, but also will choose rare shapes and gemstones, such as emeralds and sapphires.”

Sister Beckham always had a diamond ring on her hand when she was photographed, and she changed it frequently.

These days, a photo she sent out on the social network is missing a ring. It’s no wonder that netizens have exploded below and speculated whether it is related to the news that Beckham was rumored to be pregnant.

In the photo, Sister Beckham only wore a tail ring on her little finger. As soon as the photo came out, netizens with sharp eyes were frying pans. Why didn’t they wear rings?

Then netizens wondered whether there was any change in their marriage? It was suspected that Beckham had caused Harper Seven’s pregnancy.

After the news came out, Victoria released the photo of her embracing with Little Seven.

He expressed his love for Beckham and missed him.

And a spokesman once responded to this news, which is nonsense.

Maybe it’s just that Sister Beckham has too many rings, and she often changes her matching clothes, and forgot to wear them?

Anyway, I hope that the seemingly happy family can continue to be happy.

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