The causes of sexual dysfunction can be roughly divided into three categories: biological factors, psychological factors and cultural factors. The following is a detailed introduction to the psychological factors that lead to sexual dysfunction.

Psychological factors leading to sexual dysfunction

  1. Incorrect sexual attitude

Sexual anxiety caused by fear of failure in sexual life may be the most common cause of impotence, and inappropriate requirements for sexual ability or excessive requirements for the other party to have sexual life are also the basic causes of sexual dysfunction.

In addition, another important reason for sexual dysfunction is to act as a “bystander”, that is, in the process of sexual intercourse, one party anxiously and compulsively pays attention to the reaction of the other party, thus dispersing energy and hindering the establishment of a moderate sexual response and the arrival of orgasm.

  1. The influence of interpersonal tension on sexual function

This mainly refers to the interpersonal contradictions between the two sides of sex, such as suspicion, jealousy, distrust, etc. Obviously, the strong disappointment and hostility of one party will cause the same reaction of the other party, which is harmful to sexual desire.

For example, women are very sensitive to “being used”. They think that the other party is only interested in her body and ignores her. Sexual intercourse is the use, conquest and devaluation of her, and they can’t react sexually. They may even lose interest in sexual life and feel disgusted.

  1. The influence of past sexual experience and the inner contradictions

If a person is subjected to strict control, punishment, rough treatment or injury in his past experience related to sex, he will leave psychological trauma that is difficult to eliminate, and it is easy to form conditioned reflex. Once such people face the sexual scene again, they will unconsciously recall the sexual trauma in the past, and sexual dysfunction such as impotence and lack of orgasm will occur.

  1. Psychological depression caused by various external factors will also affect sexual function

The fast-paced modern life, the busy work or housework, the disharmony of interpersonal relations, the competition and frustration in work, the level of education and the social status of individuals will all produce a kind of psychological pressure. The strength of sexual desire and sexual ability is affected by psychological factors.

Psychotherapy is the main treatment for sexual psychological disorders, and corresponding treatment methods should be selected according to the specific situation of patients.

  1. Behavior therapy. The bad sexual behaviors of patients with psychosexual disorders may be formed through learning, and can be improved by behavioral learning. The specific treatment methods include aversion therapy, systemic desensitization and interactive inhibition, and the first two are the preferred treatment methods. Let the patient be in an environment where sexual impulses occur. When the patient has sexual impulses, give him anorexic stimuli, such as electric shocks, to cause malignant conditioned reflex, so as to achieve therapeutic effects. Patients need to be treated many times to obtain ideal results. The process of treatment is painful, and some patients will resist treatment.
  2. Psychoanalytic therapy. First of all, we should establish a good relationship with patients, discuss their inner feelings with them, help patients recall bad life experiences, and determine the root cause of abnormal sexual behavior. This treatment method is suitable for patients who are willing to receive treatment, and requires patients to have a high degree of cooperation.
  3. Cognitive comprehension therapy. By analyzing the patient’s childhood experience, find out the traumatic experience or bad temptation that leads to sexual psychological disorder, and tell the patient that this is a morbid behavior, so that the patient can realize that this is a child style sexual pleasure, not an adult behavior. Some patients can realize that their behavior is abnormal, but many patients can’t realize it, so they need cognitive therapy.

Sexual behavior disorder is a common psychological disorder, which is usually caused by the combined action of biological factors, psychological factors and social factors. The patient has abnormal sexual behavior, but his mental activity is normal. This disease is mainly psychotherapy, which requires patients to actively cooperate with the treatment. Some patients need drug treatment for life, and long-term use of antiandrogen drugs can inhibit bad sexual behavior. Such patients are prone to sexual crimes, and their families must pay close attention to them.

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