In Brighton, England, thousands of people gathered in the streets to participate in the “bell burning” parade to celebrate the arrival of the winter solstice.

The Brighton “Burning the Clocks” was founded in 1994 by “One Sky”, the largest art charity in the southeast of the United Kingdom, aiming to resist the over-commercialized Christmas.

The crowd gathered at the seaside, and everyone counted down together. The huge lantern clock was burning in the flames, and the beautiful fireworks were blooming in the sky of Brighton. People made new year’s wishes in succession.

Brighton is a coastal city in the south of England. Since its establishment, it has been the favorite city for Londoners to go to play. It has the name of “London on the Sea” with pleasant sea breeze, unique cobblestone beaches, exotic palaces.

The Royal Pavilion is a landmark building in Brighton, symbolizing honor and exotic atmosphere. It is a perfect combination of Indian Islamic style and regency style.

The alleyways in Brighton are full of nostalgic antique and jewelry stores. There are all kinds of boutiques, restaurants and cafes in the narrow street. You can choose a coffee shop to sit down and watch people come and go.

The Brighton Art Festival in May is the largest art festival in England, including art exhibition, music exhibition, dance performance, acrobatic performance, art, film, street performance, literature and debate, etc. Each year’s art festival will attract famous dramatists, actors, and groups from all over the world to perform or meet with the audience. Many world-famous musicals choose this place as their premiere.

It is said that Brighton is the city with “the most sunny days” among all the coastal cities in the UK. It seems that no matter what kind of haze will be blown away by the sea breeze here and submerged by the joy here. Do you want to come to such a city?

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