Among the most popular hairstyles this year, the hacked bob enters the scene, or a look that focuses on loose, wavy and expertly disheveled bob hair. Let’s take a look at who is good, how to wear such a fashionable black Bob, look at the hairstyle photos recommended by domestic and international hairdressers, and how to create a very fashionable hairstyle!

There are several short hair styles in 2022 that are particularly popular. Even though they are still popular now, today we will take stock of the most popular short hair styles at that time, showing fashion and temperament, and see which one makes you move.

#1 Face length short hair

Face length short hair is to cut a neat horizontal line from the bottom line of the hair style, as if it had been cut with a knife. This hairstyle is slightly different from the inside buckle hairstyle. The hair ends of the inside buckle hairstyle pursue the effect of curling inward, while the hair color of the face flush hairstyle is a natural state. It is only necessary to control the bottom line out of the horizontal line.

Although this hairstyle is full of high-level feeling, it is also very attractive. The appearance and temperament are not enough, the hair color is too dim, and it will appear very rustic or even old-fashioned. Especially for women with thick and short necks, it’s better not to cut this hairstyle. It’s not only fat but also thick and short necks.

#2 Short curly hair

Yes, it’s very fashionable to have curly hair permed. There are many types of perm. In addition to the common egg roll head, the popular wool roll is also very suitable.

Less hair is most suitable for perm wool curl hair, while more hair or coarse hair is more suitable for perm egg curl hair. In the above figure, the left picture is the wool curl hair style, and the right picture is the effect of the egg curl head. The wool roll is fluffy and slightly messy, and the wavy texture of the egg roll head is relatively neat. Each has its own effect and beauty.

From the perspective of fashion trends, small curl hair is becoming more and more popular. In addition to showing the amount of hair, it is mainly to keep it for a longer time and match it with a hair color suitable for you. It is not only full of foreign style, but also very fashionable. Another point is that small curls are better managed than large curls, and a little foam wax after shampooing is enough.

Because many people don’t have time to take care of their hair styles, this hairstyle became popular. The hair care method is super simple. Apply foam hair wax on the wet hair after shampooing, so that the hair can dry naturally without any deliberate modeling. Compared with straight hair, curly hair shows more hair volume and shape. But you should choose a hair color suitable for your skin color, because the hair color can offset the old-fashioned feeling of curly hair, make your hair more fashionable and make you look younger.

#3 Hacked bob hair style

Hacked bob is a classic short hair style, regardless of face type or age, and it is never out of style. Therefore, this hairstyle has not been separated from the range of popular hairstyles, and it is very fashionable at any time.

Hacked bob is translated from Bob’s style, also known as bob hairstyle, which is customarily called BoB. This hairstyle falls naturally and has a very awesome effect on the face shape. It is also called thin face hairstyle.

In recent years, the most classic wave head style is the integration of air bangs, which makes this hairstyle full of fashion sense. Coupled with the fashionable hair color, it not only shows white, but also shows small face, which can be said to be very popular.

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