If a girl has more hair, it will arouse the envy of many people. But if her legs are hairy, wearing shorts in summer will be very embarrassing. Some girls have more hair on their legs, but they don’t know what to do. So how do I get rid of my leg hair?

Tips for shaving legs

Many girls are covered with thick leg hair, and when it comes to summer, they are worried and dare not wear skirts or shorts. What are the good ways to remove leg hair? Here are some tips for removing leg hair.

  1. Wax removal effect is better, and it is less harmful to the skin, but it is not easy to operate.
  2. Unplugging is also a relatively long-lasting method, which can last for about 1 month, if you are not afraid of that kind of pain.
  3. It is also very safe and effective to use women’s special razor, but the disadvantage is that the maintenance time is short, and you have to shave again in two days.
  4. Among the leg hair removal methods, “photon permanent leg hair removal” is a good method. It is a method of laser hair removal, a more ideal method of permanent leg hair removal, and also has the function of skin rejuvenation. This method of permanent leg hair removal is suitable for axillary hair, lip hair, hair temples, bikini, body hair of limbs, etc. Photon permanent leg hair removal to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, it must undergo multiple treatments, which has a great relationship with the growth cycle of hair and the nature of hair.

Can I shave my legs?

  1. People want to shave their ugly legs. The most common way is shaving. This method is cheap and convenient, and it is not as painful as using depilation wax. However, the shaving effect does not last long. Once I start shaving my legs, I may need to repair them every day to keep them smooth, but how often is it appropriate to shave them? It depends on the hair growth rate of each person.
  2. Shaving the legs can only remove the hair on the surface of the skin, so they will grow again soon. Most women find that if they want to keep their skin smooth, they must shave it every 1 to 3 days.
  3. Shaving your legs is the most common way to keep your legs smooth, but once you start, you have to shave regularly. However, shaving may lead to skin allergy of some people, and often cause razor burns, inward hair growth and skin cuts. All these not only fail to shave, but also hinder beauty and pain. If you find that your skin starts to become inflamed after shaving, here are some methods that may help.
  4. Using shaving gel or lotion is one of the best ways to prevent skin allergy. You should apply more. Be sure to choose a moisturizing gel or lotion that does not contain alcohol, because alcohol will dry the skin. You can also soak your legs in warm water for a few minutes before shaving, which can soften your hair and prevent cuts and razor burns. However, do not soak in the water for too long, as the skin will swell and wrinkle. When shaving, clean and sharp blades should be used. Blunt blades will cause scratches and cuts. At the same time, shave in the direction of natural hair growth, and do not shave repeatedly in the same part.

4 ways to remove leg hair

(1) chemical depilation

This method can be used at home, and only leg hair can be tried. If you want to remove your hands and other parts, it is not recommended to use this method. This method is cheaper and has a long effect. After removal, there is no stubble, and it can last for 1-2 months each time. However, the bad thing is that chemical products have a more irritating smell, and they are irritating to the skin to a certain extent. Friends with sensitive skin can’t use them, let alone use them on the face.

Suggestion: small area test must be done first. Wash with cold water. Do not use skin lotion, especially sunscreen, for at least 2-4 hours to avoid skin irritation.

(2) electric wave hair removal method

This method can achieve permanent hair removal. The principle is to use electric needles to penetrate hair follicles and destroy hair papillae, which is suitable for thicker and hard hair. Because it can only be effective if it happens to penetrate into the hair follicle, especially around the hair ball, success depends on the technical level of the operator.

(3) external tool depilation method

Use a razor to shave your legs, but this method can’t completely depilate. It needs to be operated every other time. In addition, take a bath before shaving to soften the hair before shaving. Water or oil is the best lubricant. It is better not to use soap. It will make the skin too dry. The blade should be replaced after 5-6 times of use. If an electric shaver is used, it is unnecessary to do so.

(4) depilation cream

This method can be done at home. The advantage is that it can permanently depilate, and it is convenient to use. It will not cause pain like other methods, and most products are not expensive. The disadvantage is that there are too many hair removal products on the market now, and it is easy to buy fake ones.

What are the tips for removing leg hair

(1) Many people shave their legs with razors or special shavers, but this method does not cut the grass and remove the roots, and after a period of time, leg hair will grow again.

(2) Using hair removal drugs for external use, this method is mostly the same result as using a razor, and it won’t take long to “spring wind blows again”.

(3) If you want to permanently remove hair without recurrence, you can only permanently destroy the hair follicles that grow hair. At present, the commonly used method is electrocautery — when the operation is performed, a small electrocautery needle is inserted under the skin to destroy the hair follicles one by one. In this way, you can achieve the goal of permanent hair removal. However, it is a great challenge for doctors and patients to deal with tiny leg hairs. You have to endure pain for beauty.

(4) Recently, the beauty and plastic surgery industry has introduced a laser, which can use light of special wavelengths to guide the hair shaft of leg hair into the hair follicle and destroy it, without hurting the skin. However, the cost is high, and beauty may have to pay a price. The latter two methods can permanently remove leg hair. You can choose the method that suits you according to your actual situation.

The above are some tips for removing leg hair. We can choose a suitable one to try. Summer is coming. We should quickly remove leg hair from our legs and wear beautiful short skirts to go shopping in summer.

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