For those whose G-spot may grow in the olfactory and nasal trigeminal nervous systems, they only like to have deeper physical relations with people who smell like they can get excited immediately.

Recently, an unprecedented “quick dating tips” appeared on tiktok. Girls began to use the liquid they secreted, DIY perfume, to attract the opposite sex. The term for this behavior is vabbing, which is vagina + dabbing. It is said that it can make you more feminine than Chanel No. 5.

What you need to do is put your fingers inside your body, and then gently apply the liquid attached to it on your wrist, neck and behind your ears, where you usually put perfume.Then you can go to those places where heterosexuals gather to check your achievements.

Thousands of videos under tiktok tag # VAB have been played for tens of millions of times. The viral spread has made more and more women follow suit, and many of them have told how they tried this pure natural and pollution-free “chop man perfume” and shared their real feelings after use.

“I swear, if you put some of this stuff on yourself, you will become a million fans, dating, one night stands, and most of all, you will get a whole night of free drinks. Elle Woods should teach us how to VAB, not bend down and straighten out,” said tiktoker Mandy Lee.

“Hello everyone, I saw this trend called vabbing on tiktok. I’m going out tonight, so I’ll try it, so let’s see what happens. I’ll say vabbing is successful, and there are about three people approaching us. A man gave me a free drink, I refused, and then a friend also got a free drink, so I’ll say it works”, Another tiktok user, @, shared her experience.

In fact, the origin of the word vabbing can be traced back to 2018. Mentioned in the podcast secret keepers Club hosted by Carly Aquilino and Emma willmann. In the previous episode, the two discussed a friend who used his sweat as Cologne. When interacting with the audience, a female listener provided this bold and unique idea.

Before vabbing became popular on tiktok, sexologist Shan boodram was already a loyal fan of vabbing. She wrote about this in her book the game of desire, and praised it in her podcasts, interviews and Youtube. She was also the first person to bring vabbing into the mainstream.

“I have been doing this for 15 years. By emitting your pheromones, you are transferring that excitement and making people attracted by your primitive human smell. Vabbing makes me feel like a goddess who has been enchanted.”

So does vabbing really work?

To find out whether there is any scientific basis behind vabbing, you must start with “pheromone”. Pheromones are chemicals produced by glands that are used to transmit information, for example, like dogs – sniffing each other’s buttocks. Human sex pheromones are differentiated by gender, of which male pheromones are androstenediones and female pheromones are estrotes. However, the existence or role of human sex pheromones has been controversial, and no final consensus has been reached by the scientific community. According to mark Elgar, a professor of biology at the University of Melbourne, “humans do not have these glands”.

“I mean, this is the oldest and most primitive way of communication. Will humans use this way? I’m sure that when Homo sapiens first appeared as a unique species, we probably used smells all the time, but do we use them now? I don’t think so.”

Even Shan boodram admitted that there was no scientific basis behind this behavior. For her, it is undeniable that vabbing will make her feel more confident and full of strength. So in the end, we still have to rely on personal charm to win. Vabbing can only be regarded as a placebo after all.

Although the major news media and professional scholars have come out to refute the rumors themselves, they still can’t resist the affectionate oral broadcast of tiktok KOL and the circular brainwashing from the evil algorithm. One group after another of female viewers are flocking to this free “love potion” and are eager to smear it all over their bodies.

In a word, as long as you pay attention to hygiene, vabbing is useless and has no health risk. But if you have hepatitis B or other sexually transmitted diseases, I still don’t recommend you to do so. The virus may live on the surface of your skin for a while. Finally, don’t try easily during menstruation

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