During the filming of “Taboo”, some photos of Tom Hardy were posted online showing him naked on the set. Now that Christmas is approaching, Tang Laoshi is once again offering benefits to his fans. In the latest trailer of “Taboo”, he once again stripped naked and showcased his muscles and tattoos generously.

Tom Hardy is covered in tattoos.

In the trailer, Tang Laoshi sits naked in front of the fire. His character has just returned to the village, and the villagers think he is dead. “Taboo” will premiere on January 10th, 2017, and is set in the early 19th century. It tells the story of the adventurer James Keziah Delaney, who built his own shipping empire step by step.

The play is based on a story written jointly by Tang Laoshi and his father. In the play, Tang Laoshi plays the role of Delaney, who has lived in Africa for 10 years before returning to London and discovering the mysterious legacy of his murdered father. He decides to launch a revenge.

Tom Hardy’s father was also involved in writing the script.

In the latest trailer, Delaney’s sister saw her brother’s return and exclaimed, “He’s still alive.” “You don’t seem to have changed,” he was told, but he replied, “No, I’ve changed.” However, Delaney still seems to be in danger. In the trailer, there is a scene where he is undressed and locked in a dark room, with a man beside him shouting, “This man will be hanged for infidelity.”

The character played by Tom Hardy has returned strongly.

“Taboo” has a total of 8 episodes, and is directed by Christopher Nyholm. In addition to Tom Hardy, the same cast includes “House of Cards” star Michael Kelly, “Wolf Room” star Jonathan Pryce, and “Game of Thrones” star Oona Chaplin.

The character is still surrounded by crises.

“Polly Hill, the director of drama at the BBC, said in his speech, ‘The members of the cast are very talented and I am very excited to see them turn Steven’s script into reality. Tom Hardy and other actors will use a very unique way to bring this classic story to television.’ “

“Taboo” will premiere on January 10th, 2017.

In a recent interview with Esquire, Tom Hardy said that he was going to have a tattoo designed by Leonardo DiCaprio on his body because he lost a bet. “But he hasn’t fulfilled his promise yet. ‘I haven’t got a tattoo yet, because it’s too embarrassing,’ he explained with a smile. ‘He wrote the words’ Leonardo DiCaprio knows everything’, which was particularly ugly. Haha, I said to him, ‘No problem, I can get this tattoo, provided you write better.'”

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