The 29-year-old actress and husband Laurence Fox “couldn’t be happier” after welcoming their second child into the world on Thursday (05.04.12), and the actor has taken to twitter to reveal everything is “fine”.

He tweeted: “One born every minute. We had our minute today. Couldn’t be happier. Beautiful boy. Everything fine.”

The couple – who also have three-year-old son Winston – are yet to reveal a name for their latest addition to the family.

Following the birth, the former ‘Doctor Who’ beauty’s sister Ellie also tweeted her congratulations to the pair.

She wrote: “Would like to say welcome new licckel baby boy I love you so much already can’t wait so kiss those big lips 🙂 x (sic)”

In November, Billie offered to withdraw from her theatre role in Neil LaBute’s London play ‘Reasons To Be Pretty’ after discovering she was expecting, but director Michael Attenborough was so keen for the blonde beauty to remain in the production that he re-wrote the script to include her pregnancy.

He explained: “Billie was Neil LaBute’s and my first choice for the part – and fortunately the character is pregnant – so with a bit of judicious re-writing we’re all delighted she’ll be with us.

“I told her that I’d love her to do it and she just wept on my shoulder. She thought that was it. She was thrilled.”

About Billie Piper

As early as 8 years old, she had participated in the performance of Madonna’s documentary “bed with Madonna”, and also appeared in two films, “Mrs. Bellon” starring Madonna and “dangerous good man” starring Bon Jovi.

In 1998, at the age of 16, Pepe was selected by smash hits, a famous music magazine, to star in a TV promotion advertisement created with a large amount of money. After that, she got a record contract with a strong production line. The first single “because we want to” published under the stage name “Billie” made her become the youngest singer whose debut song won the No. 1 single chart in the UK in the past 40 years. This song was also selected as the theme song of the third women’s football World Cup.

In 1999, Pepe was nominated for two Brit Music Awards. However, at the award party for best female singer in smash hits, she was hissed to tears by fans sitting on the stage by her then boyfriend Ritchie Neville (a member of boy group five). A year later, Piper released her second album with her full name “Billie Piper” and a more mature voice and image. The first single of the album, “day & Night”, has strong music and deafening rhythm. As soon as it was released, she won her second champion single, which made Piper beat Britney Spears to become the youngest female artist in Britain with two champion songs. However, such success could not continue, During this period, anorexia, drug abuse, depression caused by poor album sales, even suicide, harassment by abnormal stalkers and other negative reports have also been bothering her.

In 2001, after dating for five months, Pai Pei married Chris Evans, a famous BBC DJ, in Las Vegas and decided to retire from the entertainment industry. But three years later, due to the huge age difference (16 years old), they broke up. The two formally divorced in May 2004.

In 2003, Billie Piper decided to leave the music world for the time being and focus on her initial interest – performance. She first studied acting in Los Angeles for a period of time, and soon got roles in the modern version of the Canterbury Tales and the TV movie Bella and the boys. Her performance received many positive comments, including “far better than her singing”. In the 2004 Film “high calcium boy”, Pepe played the girlfriend of Orlando Bloom, and later cooperated with Russian female singer Alsou in the horror film “evocation”.

In the new classic sci-fi drama doctor who, which began broadcasting in 2005, Pepe got the role of rose, the doctor’s travel partner, and cooperated with Christopher Ecclestone and David Tennant, the two doctor players. This performance was quite successful, winning her the most popular actress award at the national TV awards in 2005 and 2006 for two consecutive years, and being named one of the “faces of the year” by BBC News in 2005, successfully realizing the transformation from an idol singer to an actor. Although Billie Piper decided to leave doctor who before 2004, it was not until June 2006 that the news was made public by the BBC. She had hoped to star in a spin off series starring the departing doctor Ross, but it failed to take shape due to too many spin offs of the doctor series. In 2005, Pai Pei appeared in the BBC TV film “nothing makes trouble” adapted from Shakespeare’s play. In this modern version of the joke, she played hero, a weather forecaster of the TV station.

In the TV film ruby in the fog, which was broadcast at the end of 2006 and adapted from the novel of Philip Pullman (the original author of the Golden Compass), Pepe played Sally, a 16-year-old girl in the Victorian era, and found that her father’s death was related to the opium trade in India and a cursed ruby. Later, she starred in the Itv1 TV film Mansfield manor adapted from Jane Austen’s novel, and the ITV2 TV series Secret Diary of call girls, about the life of the “day beauty” of London’s senior call girls. When the series was launched in July 2007, it set one of the highest ratings records of ITV2.

In September 2007, the Secret Diary of the call girl was premiered on ITV in the UK. “The private diary of a call girl” is adapted from the popular online diary of a sex worker who calls himself “Belle de Jour” in London, England. It is starred by Billie Piper, a famous British female singer and also the actor of rose, the heroine of doctor who. It tells the extreme dual life of belle, a beautiful “Miss”, It describes the living state and emotional experience of a call girl you have never noticed… To her parents, she is Hannah, a legal secretary, who has a reliable job and often works overtime at night. She has her own wardrobe and her own friends, and even her best friend doesn’t know her secret work. For her customers, Belle can become the person they want, she can become a quiet girl next door, or a high-heeled queen with a whip. Her task is to make money by satisfying men’s fantasies. As she said in the first episode, “find out the needs of customers as soon as possible and then meet them”. Belle also has strict principles, and the most important one is that she never gets emotional. But that was before she met a young single handsome man

In 2014, she played the role of prostitute brona Croft in penny dreamful

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