Cardi B, another popular card sister in the United States, was reported by TMZ to have successfully registered her personal trademark “Bardi beauty”. She is ready to enter the beauty industry. Card sister, who is determined to be a female entrepreneur, is coming with her beauty empire!

After Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and other women Diva joined forces to enter the beauty industry, Karzai also launched the beauty brand Bardi beauty online. Her industry will involve beauty, skin care, nail salon, hair salon and fragrance, which can be said to be the first shot to comprehensively build a beauty Empire.

As a rising star in fashion, Cardi B has long made his mark in the fashion industry. He has cooperated with Balenciaga and participated in the Chanel show. He is also famous in the fashion circle. Cardi B once said: I am not only the queen of pop, but also a businesswoman. Now Cardi B not only has its own fashion brand Empire, but also becomes the CEO.

Cardi B pink

I hold several heavyweight titles, get soft hands on trophies, and have a lot of titles. She is the first female rapper in history to win three champion singles, and all her albums have received platinum certification; The first female rapper in history to win the Grammy for best rap album; She also won the ASCAP composer of the year award for her eight songs, and was also the first female rapper to win this award.

Cardi B’s real name is belkalis Almanza. After her publication in 1992, she was a proper rapper and songwriter of the post-90s generation. In the past two years, Cardi B has been very popular. She is recognized as a rapper with the same status as spicy chicken.

Cardi B’s main achievements include being nominated for Grammy Awards, the best hip hop female artist award of the 18th Black Entertainment TV awards, and the best R & B / rapper award of the 20th youth Choice Awards; His representative works are bodak yellow, motorsport, finesse, girls like you and other popular Golden Songs.

Although Cardi B is a post-90s generation, her life experience is very rich. Cardi B grew up in a poor family. She loved music and often wrote poems, laying a solid foundation for song writing. At the age of 16, he was bewitched by his friends to join the gangs. Later, he went to work in the supermarket. At the age of 19, he was expelled from the supermarket and later became a nightclub girl. In 2013, he began to record music videos and upload them to social networking sites, thus gaining a lot of attention and starting his music career.

The rich and tortuous experience has become the story material of rap songs. Coupled with the light rhythm, Cardi B has won the love of many fans.

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