Cheryl Cole has been recognized as the most fashionable and attractive British celebrity for many times. She is a regular on the red carpet. The girl always wears gorgeous clothes, perfect makeup and beautiful hair What did she look like when she was young? How has she changed now? Cheryl Cole’s smile helped her gain the status of one of the most beautiful and fashionable women in the world.

Cheryl Cole is a very beautiful woman. She has a beautiful face and a good voice. Those who saw her couldn’t forget her face. She has a lot of charm. She is a professional singer, dancer and a famous TV personality. This girl from England looks great even without makeup. There are times here when Cheryl Cole is found without makeup and she looks absolutely perfect.

Cheryl cole has split from boyfriend Tre Holloway, with the couple blaming distance for the breakdown of their relationship after a year together.Despite meeting up for dinner with friends in London last month, the couple actually split nearly two months ago, I can reveal.

Cheryl Cole is Girls Alone as she splits from American boyfriend Tre Holloway

The couple first met in 2010 and got together on her 29th birthday last year ( Image: Xposure)
“Despite splitting up in the summer, they met up for dinner last week just as mates and they had a great time. They remain incredibly fond of one another and their families are also still very close and in regular contact.”

It was rumoured the Fight For This Love singer was planning to make a permanent move to the States to set up a love nest with her 28-year-old toyboy.

‘The whole issue of him being in America and her being here, they just couldn’t make it work. Even when she was there it didn’t necessarily mean he was in LA.’

Instead the singer, who divorced cheating ex-hubby Ashley Cole in 2010, had a stronger love for Britain.

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