Blake Lively Doppelganger Tiktok

A TikTok user known as “hadelinemope” has gone viral for her uncanny resemblance to Blake Lively, after she recreated a scene from Gossip Girl featuring the character Serena Van Der Woodsen. The video has received over1.3M likes and almost 4,800+ comments and 7300+ shares NOW. In the video, “mads” is seen sitting in her car, wearing a preppy outfit similar to the school uniform worn by Serena on the show. She lip syncs over a TikTok sound from Gossip Girl, and her resemblance to the actress is astonishing.

It’s no surprise that the video has gone viral, as the resemblance between “mads” and Blake Lively is truly remarkable. Fans of the show have even commented that they had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t the real actress in the video. Overall, this TikTok video is a testament to the power of the internet and the ability of ordinary people to capture the attention of millions with a single video.

About @Hadelinemope in TikTok

  • BIRTHDAY:September 23, 1997
  • BIRTH SIGN: Libra
  • BIRTHPLACE:United States
  • AGE: 25 years old

Social media personality known primarily for posting POV videos on her hadelinemope TikTok account. She has accumulated over 1.4 million followers and 21.7M Likes on the platform. She began posting content on TikTok in January 2020. She was raised in North Carolina and Alabama. Her sister Molly has appeared on her Instagram account. In a July 9, 2020 TikTok, she featured the song “Pick Up” by DaBaby and Quavo Marshall.

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