Season 2 of The White Lotus is all about infidelity, but offscreen, many of the cast members are happily married. Aubrey Plaza, who plays Harper Spiller, revealed in May 2021 that she secretly tied the knot with Jeff Baena after a decade of dating. The Parks and Recreation alum referred to the producer as her “husband” in an Instagram post, casually going public with the happy news. Seven months later, Plaza joked that she and her beau decided to make their relationship official when they “got a little bored” one night during the coronavirus pandemic. “We got married and I’ll tell you how: That’s real, look it up,” she quipped during a December 2021 interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “We were in the lockdown. Things got a little crazy, especially in my house.” Plaza explained that an officiant then drove to the couple’s house to perform the ceremony. “I can’t remember a lot of it, it was fuzzy,” the Happiest Season actress recalled. “But I’m pretty sure it’s legal.” Her costar Michael Imperioli plays a serial cheater named Dominic Di Grasso on The White Lotus, but in real life, he’s been married to Victoria Chlebowski since 1996. His spouse even joined him in Italy while he filmed the HBO series, which he said was “really fantastic” until it came time to film his character’s threesome scene. “I realize my wife is asleep right above this hot tub [where we filmed the scene],” the Sopranos alum recalled during a November 2022 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “If she wakes up, she’s going to look out the window and see me pretty much naked with my two Italian costars, messing around in a hot tub.” Imperioli joked that he tried to convince show creator Mike White that Dominic wasn’t a “hot tub guy,” to no avail — White only suggested that the crew play music to make the actors more comfortable. “Music? No! What music?” the Emmy winner recalled saying. “I said, ‘No, Mike. We can’t have music! There’s people sleeping.'” When Imperioli returned to his room in the early hours of the morning, Chlebowksi seemingly hadn’t woken up during the shoot, but she still peppered him with questions about his work. “‘Was it a long night?'” the Goodfellas actor said his wife asked. “‘Are you tired?’ Yeah, I’m pretty tired. ‘Was it hard?’ No, absolutely not! I swear.” Keep scrolling to learn more about the White Lotus season 2 cast and their respective love lives.

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